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Antique furniture restoration

Professional Repairs for Antique Furniture in Victoria

Passed down generations, some pieces of furniture are one in a million. Not only does antique furniture become associated with a high monetary figure, but it also holds sentimental value. However, with age and exposure to the elements, its beauty seems to fade. At Schenk's Furniture Repair & Refinishing, we specialize in antiques and wood refinishing. We help clients in Victoria with professional restorations and repair services.

Our team can carefully assess the extent of damage on your antique accent pieces and family heirlooms. We work intensively to restore as much of the original charm as possible while retaining an antique-style refinish, so it still looks grand.

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Restoration Services

Our professional crew is fully equipped with the required skills and know-how. We perform our due diligence on the following:


  • Polishing and refinishing
    We polish wood and metallic surfaces to bring back the glorious sheen they once had so that the antique finds pride of place among your decor pieces. Our products are environment-friendly and safe for use in indoor living spaces.

  • Scratches, dents, watermarks and burns
    Antique furniture carries marks of wear and tear acquired over long periods of time. It is thus best to trust the professionals with removing scratches, cracks, dents, gouges, stains, chipped veneer layers and water-related damage.

  • Colour matching
    Along with basic restorations and repairs, we help you with your larger decor plan. From wooden sections of a piece of furniture to its upholstery, we match its shade to blend with the wider colour scheme of the room or surrounding objects.

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