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Furniture repair

Complete Furniture Frame Repairs & Restoration in Victoria

For any piece of furniture, its frame, mechanical parts and other internal components become damaged over the years in their own ways. Apart from accidental breakage and the wear and tear of use, the material of chairs and tables is slowly affected by how hot, cold or humid the room is.

Repairs are always a more sustainable option than replacing the whole item. Schenk's Furniture Repair & Refinishing offers professional furniture frame repairs and restoration in Victoria. We have a keen eye for the original structure and design as we work on each object.

Do you need retouching or refinishing services for your furniture? Call us to discuss your residential or commercial project.


What We Do

Beginning with a careful assessment of the damaged piece, our professional team accomplishes the following:

  • Frame repairs
    Beds, tables, chairs, cabinets and other pieces of furniture not only depend on their supportive frames; their decorative elements, such as lattice-work panels and doors, also need to be in shape for best use. Keeping in mind how each item was originally assembled and built, and skilfully working around the upholstery, we provide you with repairs that last years.

  • Replacement and adjustments of springs
    The springs installed within sofas, chairs, couches, recliners, and similar furniture can break or stretch due to overuse. This is as uncomfortable as it is unsightly. Our crew resets and tightens coil springs, renews the elastic webbing, and replaces entire sets of springs irrespective of make.

  • Replacement and adjustments of mechanisms
    While hinges are a basic part of doors, parts like reclining cables are among the many ways that furniture like chairs, car seats and couches become more comfortable and easy to use. However, these are often taken for granted. We help you with adjustments of various degrees on such mechanisms for the whole item to be functional again.

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