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Furniture repairing

Our Services are Available across Industries

Along with our residential projects, Schenk’s Furniture Repair & Refinishing refurbishes and elevates the look and feel of furniture, flooring and walls for enterprises across a range of sectors. Indoor spaces that get high traffic are bound to look dull quickly; you can count on our professionals in Victoria, BC, to bring back the original colour and sheen to the interiors of commercial and institutional establishments.


A List of Whom We Serve

Our clientele spans the following industries:

  • Retail and manufacturers
    Presentation matters when it comes to retail sales. We make visual merchandising easy with timely repairs and refinishing of shelves, fixtures and moveable furniture.

  • Office buildings/corporate
    From the hardwood floors and cabinets to the varied styles of tables and chairs that every workplace needs, we bring it alive with refurbishing achieved with minimum downtime.

  • Casinos
    Our crew fixes scratches and chips on classic games furniture like roulette tables, refurbishes worn-out upholstery, and restores casinos to their overall plush and inviting look.

  • Hotels
    The first impression is the most important in the hospitality sector. We use top-quality products to help you keep your furniture and surroundings looking vibrant and sleek.

  • Theatres
    We restore hardwood floors, fix damaged seats and make the stage beautiful again. Your guests will be as charmed as they are comfortable.

  • Restaurants
    Whether it is an interior space like the kitchen that requires cabinet refacing or countertop polishing, or the booths, tables and chairs in the dining area, we restore them all.

  • Moving companies
    We fix items damaged during moving, including laminate, vinyl and leather surfaces, and upholstery. Also, we help you in cases that require assessing pre-existing damage and claims verification.

  • Insurance companies
    We help you help your clients. When a disaster such as fire or flood causes damage, refacing and repairing items is a much more cost-effective option than replacing them.

  • Transportation
    When you’re on the go or shipping items, scratches, dents, and wear and tear are part of the process. We refurbish the interiors of vehicles of all makes and models.

  • Cars, trucks and motorcycles
    From seats made of different materials to doors and the steering, we touch up and restore your vehicle interiors to the shiny look that makes you proud.

  • Airplanes, limousines and buses
    Ensure that your passengers are in a comfortable environment. Whether it is the seat surface that needs re-foaming, reupholstering or spring replacements, or other elements like armrests and seat recliners, we will fix them.

  • RVs and boats
    We provide timely repairs and refinishing for surfaces exposed to the weather and the uncertainties of travel. We handle both the exterior and the structure of boats and RVs.

  • Adjustable beds, chairs and scooters
    Furniture built for seniors and disabled persons should always be in their best condition. Besides upholstery surfaces, we also fix functionalities such as a chair’s reclining mechanism.

  • Education
    From the classroom to the lunchroom, conference hall and teachers’ lounge, you can leave your desks, tables, sofas and chairs in our care.
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